„Films open doors to ourselves. A good film induces an emotional dialogue with our inner selves.
My task as a filmmaker is to make that dialogue happen and open those doors.."


Berlin-based director and writer Anna Eret, originally from Ukraine,

migrated to Germany at the age of 11.

After completing her M.A. in Media Studies in Berlin a Humboldt University, she became a producer for international film projects.

Her jewish, ukrainian and russian background, the crises she endured during her childhood and as a young woman enrich her wealth of experiences, augmenting her myriad talents and her artistic, as well as philosophical, nature.

They empower her to perceive the hidden depths often concealed beneath the surface.


 In 2021, she achieved a breakthrough with her debut short film "To Meet Esther" and the project "Ich bin Jude." Since then, she has established herself as a director for social and societal issues.


Her produced films and those she's currently developing tackle contemporary and timeless themes, particularly issues of identity and integrity, taking viewers on an emotional journey.


Her films always incorporate a profound psychological element, and she excels at addressing complex themes, whether in drama, thriller, or documentary genres, in a way that provides each viewer with a unique and understandable experience.


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